Monday, December 31, 2012

Journey to the West 1996 main characters beginnings

Wu Kong 

Wu Kong is a troublemaker, who disobeys anything and everything. He's a proud and overconfident person with his magic of 72 capabilities and would eliminate anyone that goes in his way. He broke his limit when after defeating all the gods in the heavens, he went on to sit on Jade Emperor’s place. Then the Buddha appeared and Wu Kong challenged him, he said the Jade emperor lost to him and he was the most powerful in the entire universe.

Wu Kong said that with a few somersaults  he can travel to the edge of the world. Buddha said he could not somersault out of his palm. Wu Kong laughed and asked Buddha to prepare to have the Jade Emperor’s seat for him for he would surely lose the bet.

With a few somersaults  Wu Kong reached to what he believed was the edge of the universe. There was 5 pillars there and he was sure it was the place. To prevent dispute and to prove he had won, he wrote a few words on the last pillar and then made a mark by peeing on the place. Then he went back to the Buddha.

But the Buddha showed him that in fact, he had never somersaulted out of the Buddha’s palm. Wu Kong was shown the words that he had engraved on the pillar and said that his hand still smelled of Wu Kong’s urine smell. And with that, Buddha proceed to lock Wu Kong into the 5 Finger Rock Mountain.

Wu Kong would be released in 500 years later- only by Tang Shazang. When he was there trapped in the mountain, he had time to contemplate about his life- the wondered how his other monkey followers were doing back home and he thought about his childhood. Actually his childhood was quite pitiful he doesn't have a mother or father and was born out of a rock.

Lesson: We, as human can sometimes be over confident of our achievements in life. We at times are raised to high positions and are bowed under by others. We would only do things our way or no way, and aren't hesitate to eliminate the people that got in our way. We never think of one day, when we might have down times where we usually realize, what we need can't be buy with money for example, love and health.

Tang Sanzang

Every year in heaven, the Buddha would arrange for a great gathering where chanting and Dhamma is shared. 1500 years ago, who can guess that during a gathering, the Buddha was to banish one of his favorite disciples down to earth. It was during that gathering, as the Buddha was speaking the Dhamma, a loud snoring sound was heard in the assembly. The favorite disciple was fast asleep and snoring that is….

The Buddha went on the say that he had undergo very much hardship to achieve Buddhahood. Despite being one of his favorite disciple, he was to be banished to earth to go through the difficulties in the Journey to the West to take back the sutras. The disciple would bear the name Tang Sanzang (Golden Cicada).

Lesson: Don't fall asleep while in school kids... lol

Zhu Bajie 

Piggy as I like to call it or Zhu Bajie (btw He's my favorite, Wayne Lai did a splendid job) was a heavenly commander Tian Peng holding high position. He was on his way to a successful life with a bright future ahead of him. But in the long run, he fell in love with a heavenly maiden who is in love with another official. Even though he had tried numerous methods, he was not able to capture her heart.

The lovers had planned to elope (since courting is not allowed in heaven) and the Piggy had broken numerous heavenly laws in order to try to win the maiden’s heart- such as turning back time a few times, stealing the red fate string to attempt to tie on the maiden’s feet so that she would fall in love with him.

In the end, the three of them were caught and the heavenly maiden and her lover were banished while the Piggy was banished to earth to go through 1000 lifetimes of love and lost of love. Each lifetime he was to die pitifully because of a love to a woman. Each time he was brought to see the Judge of Underworld who would then read out his next lifetime. (a bit painful for the piggy.)

Piggy's most favorite poem to express his sadness (for the Viet as well)

Đa tình tự cổ năng di hận
I am overwhelmed by love in emptiness and resentment condition.
dĩ hận miên miên vô tuyệt kỳ?
I only resend all these years that goes on without end.

After going through 501 of such sadness lifetime, he had enough and begged for mercy with the King of Underworld. He was told nothing much could be done, so he rebelled and in the process, was actually pushed to take birth in the wrong realm- animal realm. He was then born with a body similar to a pig…which saw him eventually becoming one of the disciple in the Journey of the West.

He had to live a hidden life because of his hideous look- coming to look for food at night. But even in that look and the lack of intellect, he would have lust for beautiful girl- and in such instance when he attacked a girl, he was caught by villagers who wanted to burn him at the stake.

As they were setting him on fire, Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) came and told the villagers they were on the wrong. Guan Yin rescued him, restored his original powers, intellect and past life memory (as what he used to have when he was a heavenly marshal) and advised him to wait for Tang Shazang.

Lesson: Sometimes in life, we accept the outcomes of relationships. I like her, she doesn't like me, I like him, he doesn't like me. At times, love triangles or even squares are appearing in front of our eyes but we won't surrender. There's a saying that " happiness can't appear in things that retrieve by forced." Jealousy is sharpest weapon to future consequences.

Sha Wujing 

Originally Sha Wujing resided in heaven. He was a bit low in IQ and hence tried to steal a light of wisdom from Jade Empress. While admiring the lamp, suddenly Jade Empress walked in. In shock, and in fear, he dropped and broke the lamp. He was then punished to earth with daily to have 7 knifes pierced through his organs.  In order to run away from the flying knives, he went deep into the river.

He hated the heavens for doing what they did to him. He also had another friend who was the prince of the underwater Dragon. The prince was also banished from the sea kingdom because he also broke something valuable. Together, both of them stayed under the river and started killing fisherman and boatman for their meat.

Lesson: Hate is also a reason for people to lose their control of evilness inside, can cause major changes in a person. Sha Wujing, though has little IQ, he's acutally a good person. But one punishment have had him eat human. Ease the hate and turn it into a lesson might earn some extra things for you in the future.

Alrighty, thats the pack... I will continue to do review for this drama, tvb now cannot be compared to the past tvb. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Missing You episode 2

episode 2
 Just as we hoped on the last episode, the Cheung brothers are reunited. What a touching moment. I guess that taught a lesson in life to never give up, even if its only half of one percent chances.

I think the scenes of all the worker after work shows that doing good deeds will brings you even more joy.

Next case, is a missing son... I think Linda forgot what Ram has said: "don't get too emotional and get carry away with promising things you might not be able to keep". She promise the woman that she'll find her son soon without actual thoughts of the "might not". I currently think she's a bit over the top or too confidence. But she actually is working really hard on the case. She also promised another man on finding his son.

Now we know Linda's brother Brian is crippled. I automatically knew there was gonna be a flash back sooner later. I guess the two case resemble Linda of her past.

After continually trying to find the boy, she was stalked by a psycho woman who kidnapped the little boy. I love how protective Jason was and the woman was kinda creepy, she kidnapped the boy and make him a son of her own.  Looks like she hadn't shower for years. Later on they were called to Ram's office and was criticized for their actions

After all the dreary moments in this episode let's have a laugh cause.... NEAT FREAK IS BACK!!! But then gone, because she was really upset when she finds out the son of the women she promise to find was passed way in a motorcycle accident.  She left her shoes on the floor, her parents even said its "typhoon #10".

At the end of an episode, an old lady wander around the front door and was unsure if she would want some help, Jason guide her in and saw the scar on her cheek...

Missing You episode 1

episode 1
First, I still am not over Hailey (Linda in Witness Insecurity) and her cool image and Hui Sir. The thing is, I just got out of the goody image of Linda to the cool image. I kinda don't want to go back to it. But I enjoy the relation of Jason and Linda currently.
I'd describe Linda's character as a neat freak for starter, good observer, and emotionally helpful. And when I said "neat freak", I seriously mean "neat freak". I bet we'll see lots of neatness corrections from Linda along the drama. But I think its cute, and most girls are neat freaks.

Linda is being interviewed by Ram for a job at The Missing Persons Department. While Ram was out of focus, she observe around his office and find solving crime books so she fill in her reply with crime words. haizz.. he caught her. Ram's character is overall normal and little boring, good thing he's not bossy.

Linda's family, mom is Rosanna, dad is Patrick, and younger brother Brian. I love how small and fitable they are as a family, Linda seems to be the one who takes care for the family.

We'll call him Uncle Cheung... He was separated away his brother during the Japanese Occupation which occur at least 8 decades ago. During the time he was 18 and his brother was only 10. Their parents were killed during the take over and Uncle Cheung has to take care of his brother.

Flash backs 
Uncle Cheung was a busboy and his younger brother stay home to make straw hats. Uncle Cheung was offer to go to Macau for a better job, but the bombing got them separated.

Back to the present, Jason, someone who I'd said similar but different to Linda. He's cheerful, kindhearted, and somewhat well-prepared.

Iced water, medicated oil, and a fan. I want a boyfriend like that! 
I guess the ad worked. The department got a call from Uncle Cheung's brother, but over the call he nonstop criticizing and blaming his brother for leaving him back then and won't agree to see him. The crew manage to find him and explain to him the whole story so he'll forgive his brother.

Linda and Jason caught Chi-keung at the train station. He gives them another side of his story and why he blamed his brother for the past years, but Linda and Jason showed him all the letters Uncle Cheung has written to him during those years that he have gone missing. He was touched and seem to regret for blaming his brother.

I was quite touched and I guess this is where Chi-keung was also touched. His brother was set for a blind date with this girl and she was well fitted with his likings. But he didn't want her to him, he was hoping to find Chi-keung soon to introduce her to him. That's when Chi-keung realize, how much effort Uncle Cheung has set out to find Chi-keung.

Thoughts: I like the theme of the drama, not too excited to see the upcoming love triangle of Linda, Jason, and Xia Wei.