Sunday, December 23, 2012

Missing You episode 2

episode 2
 Just as we hoped on the last episode, the Cheung brothers are reunited. What a touching moment. I guess that taught a lesson in life to never give up, even if its only half of one percent chances.

I think the scenes of all the worker after work shows that doing good deeds will brings you even more joy.

Next case, is a missing son... I think Linda forgot what Ram has said: "don't get too emotional and get carry away with promising things you might not be able to keep". She promise the woman that she'll find her son soon without actual thoughts of the "might not". I currently think she's a bit over the top or too confidence. But she actually is working really hard on the case. She also promised another man on finding his son.

Now we know Linda's brother Brian is crippled. I automatically knew there was gonna be a flash back sooner later. I guess the two case resemble Linda of her past.

After continually trying to find the boy, she was stalked by a psycho woman who kidnapped the little boy. I love how protective Jason was and the woman was kinda creepy, she kidnapped the boy and make him a son of her own.  Looks like she hadn't shower for years. Later on they were called to Ram's office and was criticized for their actions

After all the dreary moments in this episode let's have a laugh cause.... NEAT FREAK IS BACK!!! But then gone, because she was really upset when she finds out the son of the women she promise to find was passed way in a motorcycle accident.  She left her shoes on the floor, her parents even said its "typhoon #10".

At the end of an episode, an old lady wander around the front door and was unsure if she would want some help, Jason guide her in and saw the scar on her cheek...

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