Sunday, December 23, 2012

Missing You episode 1

episode 1
First, I still am not over Hailey (Linda in Witness Insecurity) and her cool image and Hui Sir. The thing is, I just got out of the goody image of Linda to the cool image. I kinda don't want to go back to it. But I enjoy the relation of Jason and Linda currently.
I'd describe Linda's character as a neat freak for starter, good observer, and emotionally helpful. And when I said "neat freak", I seriously mean "neat freak". I bet we'll see lots of neatness corrections from Linda along the drama. But I think its cute, and most girls are neat freaks.

Linda is being interviewed by Ram for a job at The Missing Persons Department. While Ram was out of focus, she observe around his office and find solving crime books so she fill in her reply with crime words. haizz.. he caught her. Ram's character is overall normal and little boring, good thing he's not bossy.

Linda's family, mom is Rosanna, dad is Patrick, and younger brother Brian. I love how small and fitable they are as a family, Linda seems to be the one who takes care for the family.

We'll call him Uncle Cheung... He was separated away his brother during the Japanese Occupation which occur at least 8 decades ago. During the time he was 18 and his brother was only 10. Their parents were killed during the take over and Uncle Cheung has to take care of his brother.

Flash backs 
Uncle Cheung was a busboy and his younger brother stay home to make straw hats. Uncle Cheung was offer to go to Macau for a better job, but the bombing got them separated.

Back to the present, Jason, someone who I'd said similar but different to Linda. He's cheerful, kindhearted, and somewhat well-prepared.

Iced water, medicated oil, and a fan. I want a boyfriend like that! 
I guess the ad worked. The department got a call from Uncle Cheung's brother, but over the call he nonstop criticizing and blaming his brother for leaving him back then and won't agree to see him. The crew manage to find him and explain to him the whole story so he'll forgive his brother.

Linda and Jason caught Chi-keung at the train station. He gives them another side of his story and why he blamed his brother for the past years, but Linda and Jason showed him all the letters Uncle Cheung has written to him during those years that he have gone missing. He was touched and seem to regret for blaming his brother.

I was quite touched and I guess this is where Chi-keung was also touched. His brother was set for a blind date with this girl and she was well fitted with his likings. But he didn't want her to him, he was hoping to find Chi-keung soon to introduce her to him. That's when Chi-keung realize, how much effort Uncle Cheung has set out to find Chi-keung.

Thoughts: I like the theme of the drama, not too excited to see the upcoming love triangle of Linda, Jason, and Xia Wei.

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